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So you think you’re ready to do some raiding? You may want to think again. Being prepared doesn’t mean just showing up for the raid and having a drink ready to quench your thirst as you attempt to down bosses. Being prepared has a multitude of basic requirements stemming back to the first day you started playing WoW. Your probably asking yourself “What did he say? How can day one level one have anything to do with being prepared for a raid?” The simple answer is knowledge of how to play your toon. Let’s take a closer look.

Ready, set, go! It’s time to start killing stuff. When you start the game you basically have one attack ability and, depending on your class, one healing ability as well. As you level up you will obtain new abilities through training and practice. Becoming familiar with all of them will help improve your skill level allowing a player to maximize their overall performance. Even if you have reached level 80 having used only one or two of your toon’s abilities, there is still hope for you. Proper understanding and use of your abilities can be learned from multiple web sites. Just Google your toon’s class and see how many sites pop up that explain in detail what the abilities do, how and when to use them, and in what order to use them. Ask a friend. Ask a guild member. Ask on trade chat (even though you may get a few abrasive answers). After you’ve done your research it’s time to head to Ironforge to start pounding on some practice dummies. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be ready to show off your new skills.

OMG Are you really wearing that gear? People must understand that what gear is best for someone is determined by the spec set-up. So if you’re a protection warrior you want gear that has stamina, strength, defense, block, parry, dodge, etc. If you are a dps warrior then you would want gear that has attack power, strength, critical strike, hit, haste, etc. Again you can research online to know the best stats your class and spec will need when gearing up. There are several major sites that offer tons of information related to this topic.

Are you ready yet? Not quite. It’s time to research the fights. There is no excuse for showing up to a raid and not knowing what to do when you get to the bosses. I personally use the internet to educate myself. Again there are many sites available that offer detailed information on raids. Remember you are going in as 10 or 25 person groups. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, will have a specific job to do. If you don’t handle your job then get ready for group wipes and verbal assaults. o0 When I research online, I type in the name of the boss we are going to fight. I want information that first provides a detailed description of all the boss’s abilities. Second, I want to know at least one strategy on how to kill the boss broken down to positioning of groups and what responsibilities each player,(depending on their toon), will have. Last but not least, look for videos that show actual boss fights. If you have limited time to research watching these videos will offer a basic understanding of the fight although I still recommend reading along with the video. You can find videos on all the popular video sites.

Red-alert.......... Please have speakers and microphone. Please download Ventrilo (on-line voice chat). I can not emphasize how important it is to be able to vocally communicate during a raid. Usually the raid leader will need to explain fight details for you. There are many different ways to down a boss. Warnings will be given by raid leader, requests for battle res, impromptu adjustment needed, etc. There’s no time during a boss fight to type-in chat any instructions. Even if you have the fastest fingers in the west, the odds of someone actually reading your chat during the fight is zilch.

Many add-ons are available for WoW. Deadly Boss Mods should be used by all players during raids. It provides both audio and video raid warnings. Standing in that slime pool, about to explode and cause AoE damage, no worries DBM will save the day. If you are a healer I would recommend Healbot. This program is structured for all healing classes. Curse Client is a web site that provides access to available add-ons for WoW. Go to and check out all of the available add-ons. This is a free site. You have the option to upgrade to a premium service which has added features if you so choose.

Be ready! Make sure you have buff food, potions, reagents etc. Check to make sure you have the right gear on and that it is repaired and ready to go. Don’t be the person that asks for a repair bot before you even start pulling trash mobs. Last but not least…be on time.

Raiding can be one of the best or worse experiences one can have playing WoW. With a little research and preparation you can experience the satisfaction of performing your roll effectively. Good luck to each and everyone of you.

Happy Raiding


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