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Windows or Mac?

A Quick Look at the Two Operating Systems

This question has been asked countless times for decades now. After a closer look at the current versions we actually find that both operating systems and hardware configurations are quite similar.

Generally PC’s running Microsoft’s Windows have had the majority of market share in most business and government applications. Apple’s Mac OS has traditionally been more prevalent in creative fields like design and graphic arts. I would consider both the Mac OS and the Windows OS to be viable choices for most any home or business application.

In general you will find that Mac hardware and software are more expensive although applications created by Apple and their partners are widely used and respected throughout. Apple’s OS also has the ability to run Windows and Windows applications using current Mac computers.

Windows based PC’s on the other hand are much less expensive up front for both the hardware and software. This primary difference is at least partly due to the open source policy for software developers of Windows applications. Unfortunately this lower cost comes with a price as most virus definitions are created using open source software development and are PC specific. So the same factor that causes a Windows PC to be less expensive is ironically the same reason PCs are more susceptible to many malicious cyber attacks. Some virus definitions do exist for the Mac OS but are less prevalent.

With the advancement of newer technologies and manufacturing processes, the differences between the Mac OS and the Windows OS will continue to diminish and become less noticeable. My belief is that both technologies and operating systems will be around for many more years.

I will always be answering this question, Windows or Mac?

The answer is increasingly becoming both. Like many businesses and individuals I currently own and use both a Mac and a PC.

Scott Couch

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